2017: National Procurement: The opportunities and challenges for Irish libraries

Description: Procurement has formed a key part of the Government’s Public Service Reform agenda and  can provide not only savings for the taxpayer but also increased competition, efficiencies within libraries, value for money, openness and transparency.  This seminar is designed to allow library staff gain an understanding of the public procurement environment, procurement principles, national guidelines and EU directives.  The event will also focus on the importance of librarians working in collaboration with procurement professionals to deliver successful outcomes to tender processes.


Margaret Flood ‘IUA/IOT National Book Tender 2015 : the Customer Perspective’

Cora Gleeson ‘Implementing the National Book Tender at the University of Limerick’

Peter Gurnett ‘Office of Government Procurement Model: Role of the EPS’

Susan Jones ‘Collaboration between the Education Procurement Service(EPS) and the Local Government Management Agency(LGMA) to establish a Framework Contract for the supply of Public Library Books and Audio Visual Material (AV) to all thirty public libraries in Ireland.’

Susan Wright ‘A Partnership Approach to Collaborative Book Agreements’