About Us

What is CONUL?

CONUL was established in 1971 by the seven university libraries and the National Library of Ireland. Later members to join the consortium were RCSI, TU Dublin and RIA. More recently Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Ulster have become members.

Why is CONUL Distinctive?

CONUL is the only research libraries consortium that encompasses the island of Ireland, has independent governance and is open to all research institutions with significant print and digital collections.

What does CONUL do?

CONUL is in a unique position to deliver collaboration, innovation and best practice across all of Ireland’s research libraries.

  • Foster discussion and establish agreed priorities on matters of concern
  • Promote the libraries to relevant bodies
  • Support the development of excellent collections and services via shared knowledge, experience and best practice
  • Issue briefing documents and position papers and other publications
  • Engage in advocacy and lobbying in relation to relevant national and international  policy frameworks or proposals
  • Disseminate information to CONUL members
  • Foster the continuous professional development of all members’ library staff

Standing subcommittees and task and finish groups will be set up by the Committee, as deemed required, with terms of reference and membership pre-approved by the Board.

The CONUL Board will nominate members to serve on other external committees and Boards by unanimous agreement at CONUL meetings.

Who are our users?

There are over 240,000 individual members of CONUL libraries, including students, researchers, members of the public and visitors.

What is CONUL’s vision?

Irish research library collections hold Ireland’s memory and enable Ireland’s discovery. CONUL is at the heart of Ireland’s global advance as a place of new research, of digital depth and cultural breadth.

Ireland’s Memory. Ireland’s Discovery.

Our Strategy 2020 – 2022

Our Members


Allison Kavanagh

TU Dublin

Gobnait O’Riordan

University of Limerick

Cathal McCauley

Maynooth University


Sandra Collins

National Library of Ireland

John Cox

National University of Ireland, Galway

John B. Howard

University College Dublin

Kate Kelly

RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Barbara McCormack

Royal Irish Academy

John McDonough

Dublin City University

Colette McKenna

University College Cork

Jane O’Neill

Queen’s University Belfast

Janet Peden

Ulster University

Helen Shenton

Trinity College Dublin