‘Be Media Smart’ campaign

Every day we have to make choices. From what we want to eat, to what we want to wear, what we want to listen to right through to who we want to represent us in public office.

 A new Irish public awareness campaign will go live on 18 March to coincide with European Media Literacy Week (18-22 March), to help people identify sources of information that may be unreliable, as well as deliberately false or misleading information.

The campaign will call on people of all ages to Be Media Smart and Stop, Think, and Check that information they see, read or hear across any media platform is reliable.

The ‘Be Media Smart’ campaign is an initiative of Media Literacy Ireland (MLI), a network of volunteer members, facilitated by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, working together to empower people to make informed media choices about the media content and services that they consume, create, and disseminate across all platforms.

The campaign concept is based on the idea that, in the same way that there are ways to check the provenance of our food, there are ways to check the provenance of our information.

Keep an eye open for the TV and print ads, listen for the radio ads, and follow the social media campaign – on Twitter, supporters are asked to use #BeMediaSmart and #EUMediaLiteracyWeek and tag @medialitireland. On Facebook, supporters can mention @bemediasmart and like the Be Media Smart Facebook page.