Calendar of International Events for CONUL members

In Ireland’s Memory. Ireland’s Discovery. 2016-2019, the CONUL Strategy aims to ensure Irish representation at significant events and conferences relating to research libraries.

Organisations relevant to research libraries were identified and in line with CONUL’s internationalisation theme, a calendar of conferences and ERASMUS opportunities has been produced.  

The calendar helps CONUL members to identify opportunities in advance, and participate in events that further develop CONUL’s international relationship with research library partners.

The events that are included in the calendar are linked to the bodies and organisations that were identified in CONUL’s international mapping exercise. CONUL members are invited to use this calendar to plan their annual international engagement activities

The calendar is maintained by Ciara McCaffrey on behalf of ANLTC and the CONUL Strategy Implementation Group and Helena Feighan, at the University of Limerick.