Gathered Together: A Survey of the Unique & Distinct Collections Held by CONUL

In 2016 the CONUL Collections, Preservation & Conservation Sub-Committee completed a survey of Unique and Distinct Collections across the CONUL Libraries, in order to identify the size of the UDC’s, their date of production, their accessibility via records and digital surrogates, and their preservation need. With the data we aim to promote the cultural and scholarly value of the collections, and to open discussion about collaborative work packages. Synergies, complementarity and overlaps run through all our libraries where collectively we tell the story of Ireland, its history, its people, and their preoccupations.

This PowerPoint was presented at the CONUL Athlone Conference 2016, to highlight some of the findings from our survey, and we hope it will lead to joint projects to expose our rich and valuable resources in new and innovative ways, and provide for their continued preservation.

Download the presentation.