CONUL condemns Elsevier’s policy change as regressive

On 30 April 2015, Elsevier announced new sharing and hosting policies for articles published under the Elsevier imprint. CONUL, the Irish Consortium of National and University Libraries, views the...
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NUI Maynooth launch book and audio archive based on Ken Saro Wiwa archive

On 7 November, Dr Owens Wiwa will launch the book Silence Would Be Treason: Last Writings of Ken Saro-Wiwa in the Library at NUI Maynooth at 12.30pm. He will be...
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Trinity College Dublin’s Old Library is the backdrop for a new animated film

The old library in Trinity College is the setting for a new animated short inspired by Terry Pratchett.   [gdlr_video url=”YOUR_YOUTUBE/VIMEO_URL” ]
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NUI Maynooth Morpeth roll project featured on RTE’S Nationwide

Nationwide’s programme on Friday 9 November featured the Morpeth Roll currently being worked on by our conservator, Paul Hoary. The filming in the Russell Library starts at 13.15 mins and...
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