Course Description

Title: Creativity, Innovation and Problem Solving

Course Code: CONUL T&D 2019 : 07

Date:  Tuesday, 29th October, 2019

Host Library:   DCU

Course Location: Mentoring Suite, O’Reilly Library, DCU, Glasnevin Campus, Dublin 9

Fee:  €120 (Includes lunch)

Duration: 10:15 – 15:30

Course Overview:
Innovation and creativity are, in theory, the lifeblood of a professional university environment. Often, however, the in-depth detail of our work and the highly logical nature of professional, administrative or research practice can be at odds with the creation of original ideas.

There are many tools and techniques that purport to help people be more creative.  The secret is to know which tools are appropriate for which sort of problems.  As such we won’t follow a prescriptive method, but try out a number of tools and techniques and discuss where they may be appropriate.

This course will allow participants to bring along their own real problems and explore them from a number of new angles. We’ll think about each individual’s own creative style and using small group work, paired discussions and individual reflection, we’ll interactively engage with a variety of new methodologies.

Course Presenter: Dr Steve Hutchinson
After starting out as an academic zoologist, Dr Steve Hutchinson realised he preferred to focus on developing people and so switched fields. For over fifteen years has been at the forefront of academic development practice – having led programmes and units at the Universities of York and Leeds. After defecting to set up his own consulting company he has designed and delivered successful leadership, communication and effectiveness development programmes for a huge range of HE institutions internationally.  He’s worked on change programmes for several UK HEIs and has led programmes for organisations such as ARMA, Vitae and the AHRC.  Outside of the academic sector he’s worked on developing creativity in organizations as diverse as Proctor & Gamble and the Forestry Commission.   He is a fully accredited executive coach and has helped individual academic leaders from across the world.  As an author he is working on his fifth book as well as writing numerous chapters and articles.  His book “Playing with Purpose” is about creativity and experiential learning.  In a display of ‘impact’ hypocrisy, he doesn’t ‘do’ Social Media… The world still turns.