UCC Library Launches New Vision and 5 Year Plan

UCC Library is excited to launch the Library’s new Vision and Plan 2024-2028, available to download in both English and as Gaeilge on the Library’s website.

This new Vision and Plan will guide the Library’s growth and transformation over the next five years, responding to and supporting the aspirations of the University’s Strategic Plan: Securing Our Future 2023-2028. It will significantly improve the Library’s support for researchers and teachers, enhance the student experience, and build our local and international engagement programmes.  

 Our four Strategic Programmes were developed and refined in consultation with the University community and with significant input from the representative Library Vision & Plan Project Group, working on everyone’s behalf.  We would like to thank you all most sincerely for your engagement and input throughout the past few months. Our current operational programme of works is already underway which underpins the delivery of our vision for the library.     

Coral Black, University Librarian, in her introduction to the Vision & Plan on the library website says 

“UCC Library has a strong reputation in delivering excellent support for students, researchers and the community. It has extremely high rates of satisfaction from both students and staff and is well regarded across the sector for its approach to sustainability. 

The development of a new 5 year vision and plan for UCC Library is timely, allowing us to respond to ‘Securing our Future’, the new UCC Strategic Plan for 2023-2028 and set a new direction for the Library. In a world where academic libraries are facing a range of complex and disruptive challenges, an active, transformational approach is needed. Over the next five years, there will be significant change to how we operate to best service the needs of our community. This document will be your guide to understanding our strategic direction and how it aligned with University’s Strategy. I would like to thank the many staff, students and stakeholders of the University who contributed to the development of this new plan. This has been a collaboration from the start, and I owe a debt of gratitude to the Library team, for their enthusiasm, creativity, and support throughout.” 

 You can listen to Coral in conversation on the Shush! Podcast, where she chats about the new Vision and Plan, the direction the Library will be taking over the course of the next few years, and the journey that we took to get here.”