UCC Library – The River-side Portal to the Past

Over the next month Special Collections & Archives at UCC Library will post a series of blog posts (4 in total) about a new wall graphic outside the section in the basement floor of UCC Library. In an age where people use and rely on the web and digital content we wanted to show we are more than old text-based documents or old and rare books. We wanted to showcase a variety of primary sources in a tangible manner and to do that we used different images of people, places and things. These images give a snapshot of the range of what UCC Library’s unique and distinct collections encompass. Any library can have a copy of George Boole’s An Investigation of the Laws of Thought. After all it has been printed numerous times by numerous publishers. However no other library has George Boole’s personal copy of An Investigation of the Laws of Thought or his personal papers. UCC Library has unique and distinct George Boole collections. Moreover it’s not all about Boole!

The introductory post describes the process of creating the wall graphic. Subsequent blog posts will detail what archival or special collections’ items we could have included but didn’t or what we would liked to have included in the caption but were constrained by the short word count. All posts are grouped under the tag ‘Portal to the Past.’

http://blogs.ucc.ie/wordpress/theriverside/2019/09/25/portal-to-the-past-youll-be-surprised-by-what-can-find/ #PortalToThePast